Tuesday, November 1, 2005

“In a recent release from Forrester, compiling information from several reports and a survey of young US and Canadian consumers age 12 to 21, the summary concludes that to reach the youth market, one needs to reach young consumers on their terms and, more importantly, speak a dialect that they understand.”

This is monumentally stupid. I read things like this article and hate the industry. Is this really enlightening people out there? How many adjectives could you replace the words youth and young with and still have a sustainable statement? No, how many adjectives would not work in this manner? ZERO. Ugh.

Yet, people with C’s in their titles love to put money in this kind of information. Companies invest buckets of money for this insight. “Check! Just what we thought. Great. Confirmed. Move on. Let’s see if Asian lesbians prefer to be ‘reached on their terms and in a dialect they understand.’ Shall we?” These same business individuals will plop down tons of money to put a group of teens in a stale focus group room and ask them about playing video games and eating Cheez-It® Brand Fiesta™ Cheesy Taco Baked Snack Crackers or Quick-Serve Handheld Chicken Value Food Products. However, they are afraid to fund a study of a couple of researchers/observers going into some homes and watching some teens play the games while eating their damn snacks and talking with friends. (“Unless you can prove to me that my competitor has done it, and I’ll need to see the case study.”) How do you do research on early-adopters without early adopter methodology?

Oh, and the agency people are the same way … they are the same people that actually think text link advertising on blogs is a good idea.


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