Friday, May 19, 2006

a pad, perhaps?

I may be jinxing it, but I think we have found a home! A wonderful 2-bedroom apartment in Tiburon, close to Strawberry.

Here are a few map-diagrams:
The pink dot is the location of the apartment. The green circle is a grocery store just a couple hundred feet away. The red circle would be Sam's school about 0.3 mile away. The purple circle is Ring Mountain, which is actually a big hill with interesting geology and plant-life, including the Tiburon Mariposa Lily which can only be found here. The blue circle is the Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary and Lyford House. That green stuff on the corners is the Bay!

This map gives an idea of where we will be living in relation to the Bay Area. It would be in Marin County, and there are plenty of natural activities available to us. To get to work, I'll either take a ferry south to San Fran. or a bus across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here are the essential photos of the place: the patio. The rest just looks like a plain ole apartment:

Exciting amenities that I have missed here in Chicago include: a walk-in bedroom closet and 2 bathrooms!

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