Thursday, July 27, 2006

Can or Bottle

I hardly ever drink sodas anymore (or pops as my Chicago peeps taught me … or cokes, as ALL soda drinks are called in Louisiana. Today, I am just craving one, specifically good ole Coca-cola … so I went to the vending machine only steps away. Dilemma … there is both a can and a bottle available to me. Hmmm, which do I chose?

Which is cheaper?

12 ounce can for 75 cents or 20 ounce bottle for $1.25 … shoot, they both come out to 6.25 cents/ounce.

Which is better for the environment?

According to the Stanford Recycling Center (down 101 a bit) “Aluminum cans become new aluminum cans, car parts, or any other aluminum product. Plastic soda bottles become new plastic containers, fiberfill for pillows or sleeping bags, and car parts.” So, both can be recycled easily. Virtually everywhere I turn .. bottles and cans are given equal "recyclability" billing.

Obviously, the can has less calories, high fructose corn syrup and other bad things … but this is a rare treat for me, so it also has less of the tasty beverage I am seeking. I eat and drink way too healthy to allow 8 ounces to influence.

You know what I hate? When I purchase a carbonated beverage and it falls from a high vending precipice only to come out pre-shaken, ready to burst stickiness on my pool-cue resting area. Can-vending usually lines everything up vertically, so it comes from the bottom. … No luck, the bottle is on the bottom rack, too.

But this is good … let’s look at how to prevent disappointments. I hate when you get something from a vending machine and it just rests on the glass waiting to come your way … enenenenenenenennnn .. clunk … hate that. I should get a can. But wait … what if I press the coca-cola button and instead I am served a lime diet coke? That would be horrible.

Alright … let’s leave it up to someone else and my friends at, so I posted this question: Bottle or Can? Oh, I just got a response … that was fast!

“neither wad” – UK

right. Hmmm, that wasn’t nice. It’s that kind of charm that lost you the empire, my friend.

Oh, a second response, man these are coming quickly!

“I take it in the can” – United States

excellent. Makes me kinda want to move to the UK. I really wasn’t asking anything sexually explicit. I just want some assistance in making a beverage decision. Suddenly, I am feeling a bit nauseous by these rude responses. I’ll head back to the vending area and give it another look see. That ice-crusted, sweating Coke can will get me back in the mood.

Yep. That did the trick. The machine even has a little tease, “Thirsty?” Damn straight, I’m thirsty. Just writing this blog entry has given me a sandpaper sponge tongue.

And no new updates on the side of things…

Alright … time to decide. Or ask Google.

Here we go, a page titled, Soda Bottle or Can Pollution … oh, I hadn’t thought about my waste product trapping some harmless animal. Geesh, that would be horrible! Maybe I should get a can, so I can crush it and make sure nothing gets trapped inside. But then I might make a sharp edge that turns into a duckling decapitator. That wouldn’t be good.

OK, time to turn to our government … we have a whole department within California devoted to this topic: Beverage Container Recycling. Maybe they can help.


Oh wait, my mail icon is alerting me that we have a new answer to the question!

can! – Canada

Oh bless you! CANada. Thank you, my northern friend. Let’s open up a can shall we? And let’s face it, nothing beats that beverage can opening sound.

Yes, I got a Coke ... oh yum.


Eric Maddux said...


Seitz Family said...

Amazin' how the littlest things can cause such a or bottom, black or white, up or down...I agree with your dim-witted bro.....bottle...if it is going to be a treat then make it a treat...go all the way. @0 oz baby. Better yet, go to 7-eleven and get the big gulp!

Cameron said...

Yeah, I'm glad I went with the can. Being that I never drink these things anymore, I had enough trouble just finishing 12 oz. Gone are the teenager days of swigging back a 2 liter.