Saturday, July 1, 2006

Happy Anniversary, indeed

We picked the time we would be making this move out west based upon Sam and Mary finishing school. As we started doing our detailed trip planner, we noticed that we would be traveling on our first marriage anniversary (June 20th). In fact, it looked like we would be driving into California on that day ... and hey, look .. Lake Tahoe is right there. Since we married and honeymooned at a lake, we thought Tahoe would be a perfect place to celebrate.

The drive through a scenic (see above U-Haul view), curvy, inclining, declining, construction-infused road was a bit stressful ... however, we made it to a small beachside cabin early in the evening before our anniversary.
We sat on a dock and watched the boats, trees, birds, mountains ...

kissed next to the setting sun ...

soaked in the beauty all around us...

It has been a sensational first year of marriage. I love you very much Mary; thanks for being so wonderful ... I am very lucky to have you and Sam in my life.

And yes, Tahoe is as amazing as everyone says. I can't wait to go back for some wintersporting... remember, I still have those snowpants.

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