Saturday, July 29, 2006

Huh? really?

The sporting world is shocked by yet another doping charge ... I mean this guy on performance enhancing chemicals? It's hard to believe... but that seems to be the case. Herb mentioned that:

"Ultimately I no longer think that it is a matter of who the best athletes are anymore it is merely a matter of who can afford the best chemist that is willing to provide the all-to-valuable masking agent(s)."

It is a shame, because this is such a boring form of cheating. And it brings up many questions, like what about LASIK enhanced vision? I prefer baseball's more exciting cheating ways: Gaylord Perry's vasoline ball, Joe Niekro's sanded down ball, stealing signs and Albert "Fuck LSU" Belle's corked bats (all well outlined in this content by Cecil Butler III.)

I look forward to getting past this biochemical concern and onto things of a more cyborg nature. Why didn't some of those comicbook supervillains just "steal" their millions from becoming professional cheating athletes. Rhino would have been an amazing fullback....
Dylan Martinez, Reuters

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Seitz Family said...

If you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin'......that's what my pappy used to say! or maybe it was Elmer Fudd, I can't recall.