Monday, July 24, 2006

My heart... and ring

When Mary and I decided to get married, we thought we should buy our own rings ... and make a pact to get rings that really displayed our personalities and individuality, beyond our sharing lives together. Mary's ring (prominently displayed in a previous blog entry picture) is an antique one-of-a-kind ring, for a one-of-a-kind person. The stones are small green tourmalines, shaped like leaves, to symbolize her love for nature.

I chose words... My ring is a reproduction of an 14th C. posey ring. The original ring is inscribed, "A vila mon coeur gardi li mo,"” in early French script. A contemporary expression would read "“Ah voila mon coeur, garde-le moi,"” which translates "Here is my heart, guard it well." This is appropriate because my absentmindedness is well-known ... I am quite happy to relinquish my heart to my love. Also, the original ring can be found at the British Museum, London, in the Department of Medieval & Modern Europe. One day I'll hunt it down.

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