Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pineapple Shrimp Nite

It has been a while since I shared some food with everyone and last night was a tasty meal indeed. We wanted to hang around the house, since Mary leaves later today to her family (and SAM!!!) reunion in Myrtle Beach and I like to take it easy on Friday nights ... as well as Saturday-Thursday nights. So, I found this totally simple recipe for Pineapple Shrimp. Since I was taking the bus home, it was easier for me to stop at the grocery at the foot of the hill than the preferred option. They did not have fresh cilantro, so I substituted dried cilantro already in the spice rack. We just eyeballed the actual measurements.

It was such a simple thing to make, and incredibly delicious. We didn't even need rice or anything, just the shrimp and salsa. In fact, you are going to be tempted too add other ingredients ... DON'T. We opted for keeping the jalepeno seeds in, and it was spicy! You definitely could leave them out if you want a "reasonable level." Mary provided some nice natural decoration to the patio dining environment.


So, the spicy shrimp did leave us needing something sweet. And with Dad's birthday, it was also a time for celebration. We decided to checkout the ice cream shop at the bottom of the hill. Now, I talk about this hill a lot. It is the hill I walk down to get to my bus stop and must walk up to return home. Mary usually meets me, so we can endure it together. In the picture below, you get an idea of the incline. This is actually only part of it, the substantial part ... but only a part:
The ice cream joint was a step above a lemonade stand. A little place where we listened to "play that funky music" and got one scoop for $3 even. Sure we could have gone to Bell Market across the parking lot and gotten a whole gallon for cheaper, but we all know where that leads to ... ice cream EVERY night.
The walk up the hill gets easier and easier ... especially post-cone. And the reward at the top is quite nice also: a view of Mt. Tam during sunset. (Good eye Mary, finding this shot.)

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