Saturday, July 29, 2006


Is that close enough to rutabaga to work for you? Let's say "yes."

So, my Mom's youngest brother, Ruud is starting to find his way in the blogosphere. He recently posted some family photos, including 5 of the 6 siblings, and a couple of cousins. I especially enjoy seeing Valerie, the youngest of my first cousins. She was a "little girl" knee-biter last I had opportunity to visit with her. Watching people grow-up is fun. It is good to see a smile on her face so soon after losing her amazing father.

I got the shocking reality that I am no longer fun to watch "grow." Yesterday, I got a haircut ... and not only was it bad enough that the stylist had to do extra "neck-shaving" after removing the paper-priestly collar, but she tilted my head down and my chin splayed across my neck. Good times.

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