Sunday, October 29, 2006

Maddux Pumpkin Carving 102

The Pumpkin Carving Post of last year has become infamous. It was early in my blogging days so when people look at my archives, it is the first post that pops up and Malia has ridiculed the banality of my blog by referring to it as "that pumpkin-carving blog you keep." Extending our keen interest in documenting this holiday, Mary has recently focused on Halloween memories in her blog. Here is this year's pumpkin carving activities...

Mary getting a feel for her pumpkin. She looks inspired.

While I get a taste for mine.
This was actually quite gross, because we had left our pumpkins in the afternoon sun (and the weather is EXACTLY the same as it was when we got here over 3 months ago! I swear the world has stopped or something.) Anyway, the warm sun led to warm pumpkin guts. Ewwwwwww.

Mary continuing her star theme from last year, has decided her pumpkin will be the star of the bunch!

Meanwhile, Sam finds his work a bit exhausting.
He prefers the old school, artisan, humane treatment of pumpkins as you can see in the pic below:

Craftsmen at work.

...meanwhile Mary has already beautifully faced her STAR pumpkin!

Sam break(s)through.

Last year, I focused on the scar of "Scarface." This year it was the arrow-destroyed right eye of Baron Leftinschtichk. My pumpkins are usually warriors forced into retirement.

Sam decided he needed additional time to contemplate the pumpkin ... the essence of the pumpkin's spirit must inhabit his crafty hands. Perhaps he will share the finished product on his blog soon.

Happy Halloween !!!

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