Sunday, October 15, 2006

poor sam

The past month has been rather tough on the ole kid! Since we came back from Yosemite, he has had a persistent cough. It went from concerning to annoying as he had no other symptoms and the cough was a rather dry, random thing. We tried sending him to the GP twice and an ENT once. No-one found anything, and all prescribed medicines (administered in liquid or inhaler or even up his nose) proved futile. We finally looked on the internet about habit coughs. Seeing things like it being common among boys 8-12, especially entering new schools/environments ... not present during sleep and improves while distracted. All these things added up. So starting last weekend, we started talking with him about stopping his cough actually controlling it with sips of water and concentration. It has been working wonders ...

However, just on the morning where we first began discussing this cough solution last Saturday, he starts complaining about his teeth burning. Then on Sunday he wakes up with a chubby cheek. Coupled with the cough, we were just waiting on child services to make a stop on over. Upon taking him to the dentist on Monday, Mary learns that in fact he has an infected tooth (from dental work earlier in the month) and it needed to be removed.

I must admit, while the news wasn't great, it was fabulous to just have some news. After waiting around on this cough, it was quite lovely to hear, "This is what is broken on your child, and this is how we plan to solve it." Of course, we aren't entirely clear if the dentist could have prevented the infection or not.

Sam is back to his semi-rambunctious self, so that is the most important thing. It was a bit tough for us seeing him so listless. As those of you who know him can imagine.

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