Saturday, November 4, 2006

OK, after THAT tirade

Thank you Russell Davies for pointing me to the collection of This American Life shows. I got to fall in love with this show in Chicago and just hadn't really sought it out since leaving. It will have a permanent place on the blog in places I goof-off, because I plan to listen to these every chance I get. Starting with Staff Favorites.

This show is up there with the end of the Sunday Morning show on CBS, that last short nature clip with no music or voice ... just the natural sounds. I love that!

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Dr. Kayhan said...

Laura and I are addicted to This American Life, too. We have listened to almost all of the Staff favorites. From that page, I recommend "Somewhere in the Arabian Sea" and "Superpowers." Make sure to sign up for the podcast, too. That way you can horde the old programs without paying that outrageous $0.95. The most recent show was also pretty powerful.

I was thinking about making a web page that would direct you to the online feed for whatever NPR station is currently airing your favorite show. On the weekends, you should be able to listen to whatever show you want at whatever time.