Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday mornings


What will I do with my Friday mornings? M-Th my official day starts at noon ... but, the mornings are about getting Sam out the door with what he needs ... getting me washed and ready to go. Pretty much once Sam and Mary have peeled away, I head out the door to the car park for my 50 minute bus commute into the city. Then I spend the morning in my office, prepping, grading, making sure I am informed about current things in the industry, etc. Then it is teaching time. After class, I tie-up loose ends and head out again. Then it is home stuff.

But Fridays ... no class. Sure, I'll have tons of school work that I'll do throughout the weekend.

Friday mornings, I'm going to go Flickr traveling though the world, I think. Today I went to Hong Kong.

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