Sunday, February 10, 2013

The past couple of weekends

I've done a poor job of blogging our recent move and experience.  Honestly, it is all a bit draining.

When we moved from Chicago to San Francisco, we:
a) took most of our stuff, rather than got rid of it all
b) moved without Sam, he was with family in Iowa for a few weeks
c) kept the same job, rather than a completely new one where I have to understand the culture of an area I barely know
d) moved during the summer so we didn't have to figure out Sam school stuff
e) moved to a place that is know for being comfortable, rather than challenging 

Oh and I was just a bit over 30, rather than approaching 40.

The move hasn't been easy.  But frankly, that was the point. Life was comfortable and easy and wonderful in SF. But, we wanted adventure. If things get to be too much, we can always head back to SF or Chicago - two places we love and have support.

Let's talk about a few magical days:

Yesterday, we started off the morning with United Way and their Walk for Warmth (please feel free to still donate if you can - a couple bucks through PayPal helps!)  The Walk is to support raising money for Anchorage people in need of rent and utility assistance - helping those that are barely holding on - the most important boosts we can give society.  We ended up seeing a few of my lovely fellow work peeps.

Walk for Warmth United Way, Anchorage Walk for Warmth - United Way in Anchorage
Afterward,we headed to a park in Anchorage called Oceanview Park, less than 7 miles from our home.

We parked and walked a few hundred feet to some simple sledding. It was a nice start for getting back up quickly and experimenting with our new sleds:

Sledding at Oceanview Park

Then someone told us about the "bigger" hill:

Sam's turn

And then at the "bigger" hill, someone told us about the "bigger" hill. Do you see the dog-musher at the bottom of the hill for perspective on height and steepness? Sam and I only tried this hill once so far:

Alaska sledding is awesome

We had a blast sledding! We got some good exercise and family fun.

Last weekend, I took a solo drive to Seward on Saturday, because I needed to get out of Anchorage a bit. Mary did some volunteering for the Iditarod and Sam was doing the teenager weekend sleep thing. Poor kid was sick the previous two weekends (another draining property to the whole move.)  It was lovely getting out and just driving.  It is so funny - you don't have many roads here.  I took THE road to Seward. The landscape is just so darn dramatic.  I love it.

On Sunday, we had a big brunch and then headed to Turnagain Pass for some snowshoeing.  We explored the snowmobile area, climbed a steep snowy hill, frolicked in a magic forest and slid down the hill on our butts using our snowshoes as hand brakes.  We didn't take cameras, choosing to just be present a bit.  However, we'll grab some photos there soon.

We are planning on heading out again today.  However, as I sit here some rain is falling which could turn dangerously to icy roads - so we'll assess as the sun comes up.

The sun change continues to be dramatic.  It is so much sunnier than when we arrived - 9-5 sunlight is pretty heavy - getting the pre-8AM and post 6PM peeks helps a bunch.

On my to do list: finding a place to try out my Joe Bertino-gifted axe:

My 1st CC photo on instagram: the perfect welcome to Alaska gift from @jjbert thanks, brother
OK, I'm going to start cooking up some breakfast. More later. Love, Cam

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